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Wikaniko Ltd provides a variety of eco-friendly, organic and environmentally responsible products and services for use around the home. Join us on our journey of discovery.

About Wikaniko

A home based business opportunity, supplying a wide range of eco friendly, organic, green and biodegradable products and services aimed at the consumer who wants to lessen their carbon footprint.

The Website

The website contains an abundance of resources and information on how to run a successful and profitable home based business and how to become more ecologically friendly while at the same time, saving money by reducing spending.

Business Opportunity

The business opportunity is unlike any other of this type in the industry. It is based on sound ethical practice with the emphasis on selling ethical products rather than to recruit others into a trading scheme. It is generally accepted that about 1 in 10 Wikaniko customers will want to become distributors anyway so recruiting others is fairly easy, so long as distributors continue to sell the goods. Selling the goods is actually the easy part as the product range is made up of products that people actually want to buy and are priced competitively.

Join Wikaniko

Join us on our green journey and you will discover much about what is happening to the planet today. Watch our video tutorials, slideshows and take part in our online training programme. Along the way you will be dealing with wonderful people who really care about the future of our planet.


In the Wikaniko shop there is a fantastic range of over 850 items for the home including cleaning products, degradable bags and liners, natural cosmetics, toiletries, as well as energy saving gadgets and gardening products.

More About Wikaniko

Wikaniko is an innovative and creative eco-friendly business based the UK. The website contains numerous resources including; articles, information, ideas and games. The task that Wikaniko envisage is to help people reduce their carbon footprint, reduce spending and live a little greener.

Along the way there are some great ideas and amazing insights about what is happening to our world. Join Wikaniko on this green journey; reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the process.

In the Wikaniko shop you will find one of the most comprehensive ranges that you could ever come across in one place. The Wikaniko eco-friendly business is for everyone. You may purchase eco friendly products online as a customer or you can become a co-operative club wholesale buyer or a distributor. If you become a co-operative member you receive your purchases at a discount. If you become a distributor you will be supplied your own replicated website where others may join and buy, or become distributors themselves too.

Wikaniko pronounced ‘We Can Eco’, is a multi-level marketing (MLM) enterprise set up in September 2008 by Trevor and Karen Blake who wanted to set up a network marketing company run for the benefit of the distributors and to secure their own future by selling eco-friendly products at fair prices. The company sells ethical, environmentally friendly, economical and ecological products for the home and for personal use, delivered to customers by way of a network of distributors. There are no business meetings in far-flung hotels, which are often associated with this type of network marketing company, which distributors are then expected to attend and pay for at their own cost.

All training and most communication is carried out online thus helping further reduce the distributors own carbon footprint. Managers and team leader do arrange home meetings and training sessions, while support is available from Head Office as well as the distributor’s own up-line management structure.

The company requires distributors to make a small order each month, in order to qualify to receive commissions for that month. This is based on a Commission Value system and equates to about £36 of qualifying goods bought per month. If a distributor introduces others to Wikaniko, they receive commission on their spend to and in accordance with the Wikaniko income plan. As a distributor moves up in the organisation, their override commission increases.

Wikaniko was set up in such a way to enable the new distributor to make a profit in a short space of time regardless of whether they recruit others or not. The personal profit on sales ranges from a generous 33% up to a maximum of 45% mark-up on CV.

Wikaniko is designed to sell products rather than just recruiting more people into the business. This means that new distributors starting off have the opportunity to make a profit without working for a long time in the hope of seeing a return. Prices are also comparable with shop prices with many items being available at a lower price through Wikaniko. Not everything will be cheaper but also consider that all goods are delivered to the door to the consumer. There are also own branded and exclusive Wikaniko products, which business customers may have branded in their own name.

The company teaches 12 ‘routes to market’ in its online training system. This includes delivery of home shopping catalogues, relationship marketing, attending local shows and fayres and party-plan type activities. The company also provides marketing tools, ready-made adverts, promotional literature and even a ready-made press release via the website. Many distributors do well by giving talks at your local clubs and organisation, again with guidance and support from the company.